V for Vendetta – Vive la revolucion!

Our second Burlington Libertarian Party Event!
We headed out on Friday to see ‘V for Vendetta’, starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman.

I feel it is a prime example of what can happen when government oversteps its bounds, and interferes with society… it’s like a modern day ‘1984’, and even has the main actor from ‘1984’ in it (John Hurt), ironically as the main bad guy.

The main tag-line of the movie is a great explanation:
“People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

Here’s a repost of Jeremy’s blog for another perspective on the movie:

Movie Night: V for Vendetta

Last night, Hardy Machia, Bonnie Scott, Kevin Ryan, Jonathan Stauffer, Heavenly and I went out together to see the movie V for Vendetta, another great movie from the people who brought you The Matrix. Again, the Wachowski brothers have created a Libertarian-themed movie where a small group of people are fighting to reduce the power of an oppressive government and to open people’s eyes to it.

Brief Synopsis of film from LP.org:

“V for Vendetta is based on a graphic novel by Alan Moore that is set in England in 2020. Great Britain is under the control of a fascist government who use fear and intimidation to control its citizens. The government controls the media and clamps down on free speech through its Ministry of Objectionable Materials.

A mysterious rebel known as V, who is dubbed a terrorist by the Hitler-esque Chancellor Sulter, plots to overthrow the government. V seeks to complete 17th century saboteur Guy Fawkes’s mission to blow up Parliament, as way to spark a rebellion.

Looking at early reviews, V for Vendetta has plenty of action and thrills to keep audiences entertained, and delivers a clear libertarian message, which can be summed up in its tagline – “People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of the people.”

More information:

Of course, I recommend everyone to watch it, to fully appreciate the movie, and it’s significance. It’s rated R due to ‘strong violence and some language’, so it’s definately not one to bring the kids to see… but it is a great action – suspense movie to watch on the big screen!

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