Free Press now has a political blog!

Yeah, I know, been slacking on the blog entries; but hey, ya gotta enjoy what summer we have while it’s here 🙂

Here’s a snippet of local political news…

A repost from PoliticsVT’s Blog from 6/24:

It looks like the Burlington Free Press has caught on to the power of blogging!

Nancy Remsen, Sam Hemingway and Terri Hallenbeck, which make up the Free Press’ political reporting staff across the state have started a blog (with permission from the Free Press) to focus on all things political in this Campaign ’06.

Even though the Free Press threatened to sue us, we thought as a jesture of good will between our little blog and the Garnett News System — we will post Nany and Terri’s blog on our short list of PoliticsVT approved sites. Some of you may not know, but it takes a lot to get on PoliticsVT’s approved site list. Sites need to demonstrate a dedication to informing the public, provide good information for the public and be operated with fairness for all political beliefs.

Terri, Nancy and Sam are very strong journalists and are noted for their solid understanding on politics and government. We’re glad that they started a blog. Way to go!

Click here, to go to VT Buzz.

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