Mayor Kiss on ‘You Can Quote Me’

Since Ch 3’s ‘You Can Quote me‘ program is unscripted, (leaving no script you can read on the WCAX site) and you have to purchase the tape of the program to learn what was discussed if you did not watch the program, I thought I’d post a summary of what was discussed for those that missed the program… some interesting issues were discussed.

  1. Gun control
    1. [Kiss]Larger city mayors are addresssing this issue, possibly having the police seize guns at domestic dispute scenes as an option; “perhaps it should be addresssed at state, not at municipality level.”
    2. [Andy Potter] Guns in involved in the crimes here in Burlington were illegal, all the laws in the world will not help the issue, your thoughts?
      1. [Kiss] Suggest more laws in Vermont because (the laws) are too open
  2. Sanctuary City
    1. [Kiss] Someone who is undocumented is a public safety issue, as they can be reported to INS
    2. [Marselis] Plattsburgh was a sanctuary in the past for those waiting to be processed for entry to Canada, which lead to budgetary strain
  3. Intervale
    1. [Andy] Is it a good deal? $200,000? If it was on the waterfront, it may possibly be a public scandal…
      1. [Kiss] Yes, it is a good deal; land in Intervale is valued differently than waterfront ; I believe the sale will go forward
    2. Why isn’t Burlington buying the land?
      1. [Kiss] The Intervale organization already has a vision for the land, and they could be our partner (city would own 1%)
  4. Moran
    1. [Andy] Where is it curently headed?
      1. [Kiss] We’ve heard from the survey that we should find a good use for it, the city gave a generous view, but it was not definative; Understood the results as: Whatever decision is ok with us
        As it now stands, it is undecided, trying to now get plans, sketches from the survey results
    2. [Marselis] Can the building be demolished?
      1. Yes, we estimate it would cost over $1 million, but some proposals, such as the one for the Y also shows it is reclaimable
  5. North 40
    1. [Andy] Where is it going?
      1. [Kiss] No decision yet, moving slowly on development in that area; looking more towards possibly developing other areas of waterfront, like the railyards
  6. Southern Connector
    1. [Andy] What are your thoughts about the railyard ?
      1. [Kiss] Land is currently owned by the state, but it also has a long term lease on the land by the Vermont Railway
    2. [Andy] What is the length of the lease? 30 years?
      1. No, much longer than 30 years
    3. [Andy] Developing the railyard?
      1. [Kiss] Yes, it would be ideal, but not something that would be immediate
  7. City Resources
    1. [Marselis] Have the revenue sources for the city been exhausted?
      1. [Kiss] I dont think so, we’re trying to be efficient, we have the lowest tax rates for schools in the county; our goal is to do more with less
    2. [Marselis] I find it kind of funny that a Progressive is saying we could get more out of property taxes…
      1. [Kiss] I’m still sorting out a taskforce to discuss alternative methods of revenue
    3. [Marselis] What would you suggest, a city income tax?
      1. [Kiss] I am not afraid to bring up that suggestion, as alternatives need to be discussed
    4. [Marselis] How about the idea of a Metro Police or Fire?
      1. [Kiss] We have looked at it, some potential, such as a metro dispatch service, but not to use it for police department
  8. Burlington Electric
    1. [Andy] BED’s long-term power, in wake of the current energy news… any plans?
      1. [Kiss] Our major commitment is energy effiency; committed to wind power, which will reduce the energy need by 1/3
    2. [Andy] But renewable energy would not sustain the city…
      1. [Kiss] I have no answer for the long-term view

As he stated in the program, Mayor Kiss believes he is connected to residents, and residents are able to contact him by: [email protected] or 802-865-7272
He is also to attend tomorrow’s meeting about the Intervale land sale – 6PM at Contois Auditorium

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