10 years? 😳

My goodness, has it really been that long?
Can you believe it’s been 10 years since my last update? Time sure flies! In the past decade, we’ve experienced some bittersweet moments. We’ve said goodbye to a few more loved ones, but we continue to cherish the memories we shared with them ♥ 😢

On a happier note, after four years of searching everywhere in the Vermont vicinity, we’ve started a new chapter in a beautiful new (to us) home by the lake! The serene views and peaceful atmosphere have brought us so much joy as we work from home. 🌊
Our new location is almost an hour north of our former home of nearly twenty years in Burlington, but is now only thirtyish minutes away from St Albans, or Plattsburgh NY.

In the last couple of years, we’ve also discovered the amazing world of Virtual Reality with the Quest products! Immersing ourselves in this tech has allowed us to not only get a workout in, but also connect with other like-minded individuals and form new friendships with others around the world. 🎮
Once time allows, I’ll be adding a VR section to the site that will link to my separate VR social profiles.

Jeremy’s 45th birthday is less than two weeks, so be sure to wish him a happy birthday! 🎂